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ShareScan.com is the first world site provides you with the tool that can help you and your organization to clarify and test your microsoft SharePoint Site either if your data can be exposed by hackers or not.

ShareScan tool gives you ability to scan your Microsoft SharePoint site as if you are anounnimus or autherised user to figure out what data is shown to show don't have access to particulare Site,Libraries,lists,documents,items or any kind of object you have in your site.

ShareScan ALPHA Release -Sunday, October 29, 2017
ShareScan includes everything you need to begin your first scan for your environment and your site. Enjoy your Trial version for 3 days
About ShareScan -Sunday, October 29, 2017
ShareScan is the first world SharePoint Scanner ever , which helps you to find out if your Site is exposes by hackers.